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Were africans the first indentured servants

Were any of the crusades successful

Were poodle skirts popular in the 1950s

Were steve wozniak and steve jobs friends

Were the american colonist justified in waging war and breaking away from britain dbq

Were the colonists justified in breaking the law

Were the fourteen points successful

Were the osage nomadic or sedentary

Were there african indentured servants in virginia

Were there any black roman emperors

Were there any civil war battles in florida

Were there any exceptions to the one child policy

Were there any female pinkertons

Were there any wars in the 1920s

Were there knights in ancient rome

Were there photos in the 1800s

Were there pirates in penzance

Were there witch trials in england

Were a group of crusading journalists who investigated social conditions and political corruption th

Were a slew or was a slew

Were acadians forced to leave canada

Were african elephants used in war

Were alexander hamilton and george washington friends

Were all in the gutter oscar wilde meaning

Were all norse vikings

Were all of the munchkins dwarfs

Were all pharaohs buried in pyramids

Were all pioneers mormon

Were all planes grounded on 9 11

Were all stars to disappear or die

Were all the bodies of the romanovs found

Were all the founding fathers presidents

Were all the victims of the salem witch trials women

Were all victims of twa flight 800 recovered

Were an easy method of transportation and many northern european towns grew up along them

Were analysed or analyzed

Were andrew carnegie and john d rockefeller robber barons or captains of industry

Were andy warhol and roy lichtenstein friends

Were angels created before or after man

Were animals bigger in the past

Were animals used to build the pyramids

Were antibiotics used in the civil war

Were any animals harmed in the making of american horror story

Were any animals harmed in the making of game of thrones

Were any animals harmed in the making of outlander

Were any animals harmed in the making of swiss family robinson

Were any animals hurt in out of africa

Were any animals hurt in the making of homeward bound

Were any animals killed in the making of homeward bound

Were any astros in the all star game

Were any babies born in concentration camps

Were any battles fought in nevada

Were any bodies found on the titanic

Were any bodies found on the titanic in 1985

Were any civil war battles fought in new york

Were any civilians killed at pearl harbor

Were any communist countries aided by the marshall plan

Were any horses hurt in the making of braveheart

Were any horses hurt in the making of outlaw king

Were any japanese tried for war crimes

Were any kings faithful to their wives

Were any lobotomies successful

Were any movies filmed in delaware

Were any nurses killed in pearl harbor

Were any of the 12 apostles married

Were any of the bounty mutineers hanged

Were any of the founding fathers married

Were any of the freedom riders killed

Were any popes married

Were any pows rescued in vietnam

Were any presidents born in england

Were any presidents born in march

Were any roman emperors buried

Were any sharks really puerto ricans

Were any ships in pearl harbor capsized

Were any songs written for shrek

Were any suffragettes executed

Were any us presidents born in britain

Were any us presidents born outside the united states

Were any women powerful in ancient egypt

Were appointed by the pharaoh and carried out his orders

Were are made in china stickers made

Were assassins creed real

Were aviators popular in the 50s

Were ayub khan reforms successful

Were bagpipes used in ireland

Were baroque musicians the first to be able to earn a living on their own without a patron such as t

Were battleships used in the civil war

Were bees introduced to australia

Were blunderbusses used in the civil war

Were bob wall and bruce lee friends

Were bodies found on the mary rose

Were boers black or white

Were bombs dropped from planes in ww1

Were boomerangs used to hunt kangaroos

Were born on the same day of the same month of the same year to the same mother and the same father

Were britain and france correct in signing the agreement

Were british or german trenches better

Were bryant and milam found guilty

Were buddhist ideas were appealing to people in all levels of society

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