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Has a building ever collapsed from fire

Has a female horse won the kentucky derby

Has a grey horse won the kentucky derby

Has a killer whale ever eaten a polar bear

Has a komodo dragon eaten a human

Has a tornado ever hit california

Has a whale ever jumped on a boat

Has adam jones been signed

Has alabama ever had snow

Has an atomic number of 1

Has anybody ever died in a boxing match

Has anyone died at go ape uk

Has anyone died from period cramps

Has anyone escaped pelican bay

Has anyone ever been killed by a hailstone

Has anyone got lost in the catacombs

Has been rescinded

Has bermuda ever had zika

Has better bathrooms gone into administration

Has cadbury dropped the word easter

Has carmelo anthony signed with the lakers

Has cindy landon remarried

Has close up toothpaste been discontinued

Has dinosaur tissue been found

Has doubt been cancelled

Has dream league 2020 been released

Has ed carpenter ever won the indy 500

Has el dorado been found

Has fas 5 been superseded

Has great britain won miss universe

Has h1n1 mutated since 2009

Has jake paul got a son

Has jane goodall been nominated for a nobel peace prize

Has josh jacobs signed with the raiders

Has kei nishikori won a grand slam

Has lebron had a 60 point game

Has lewis hamilton won monaco

Has live rescue been cancelled

Has napa been affected by the fires

Has new orleans fully recovered from katrina

Has north korea played in the world cup

Has power tv show been cancelled

Has ryan kesler won a stanley cup

Has san diego ever had a major earthquake

Has scopolamine patch been discontinued

Has soy milk got dairy in

Has st maarten recovered from irma

Has stone house revival been cancelled

Has sweet victory played at super bowl petition

Has the 2020 federal budget been signed

Has the big island volcano stopped erupting

Has the california governor signed the budget

Has the camp fire been contained

Has the curse of oak island finished

Has the detail been renewed for season 2

Has the eurozone crisis ended

Has the pacific coast highway reopened

Has the pss scale been validated

Has the ups contract been ratified

Has the usa basketball team ever lost in the olympics

Has there ever been a hurricane in arkansas

Has there ever been a masters playoff

Has there ever been a shark attack in gulf shores alabama

Has there ever been a shark attack in south padre island

Has there ever been a woman on the fbi most wanted

Has thousand oaks been evacuated

Has triple d been to every state

Has true blue spa been discontinued

Has trump done a state of the union

Has undertaker won a royal rumble

Has vanderbilt ever won the sec

Has veramyst been discontinued

Has verapamil been discontinued

Has work finished big ben

Has younger season 6 started

Has zest soap been discontinued

Has 1 16 been released

Has 127 hours been televised

Has 2 hurricanes ever hit the gulf at the same time

Has 2019 taxes been extended

Has 2021 exam been notified

Has 2021 jamb result been released

Has 21 savage been on tour

Has 28 days 29 days in a leap year

Has 29 days in a leap year

Has 3 been cancelled

Has 4 stages of life cycle of metamorphosis

Has 7up free got caffeine

Has a 16 seed ever beaten a 1 seed in the ncaa tournament

Has a 8 seed ever beat a 1 seed in the nba

Has a baby been taken from a hospital

Has a basketball ever popped during a game

Has a big mac got smaller

Has a bird ever picked up a child

Has a black kid ever won the national spelling bee

Has a black person climbed mount everest

Has a black person ever won a grand slam

Has a black person won top chef

Has a blind person ever climbed mount everest

Has a boeing 737 800 ever crashed

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